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18 Mar 10

Long time

Phew - I bet you thought we'd fallen off the edge of the world!

Well nothing as dramatic as that, we've just been up to our armpits with other work and building permission shenanigans. And we're still in the middle of permission issues - nothing too major we hope - just a few things to be ironed out by the architects who are doing the project of execution at the mo. The main one they're working on is making sure the building regs for living in an earthquake zone are met. Until they're happy, we've stopped work, actually it's come at quite an opportune time so we're not complaining.

Pete and Maggie, our new found neighbours, have been stars. They've been keeping an eye on the roof covering - pulling it back on when the high winds we keep having blow it off. I think there's been some rain damage to those (once) lovely roof planks. Oh, and our sofa is sopping, but we have had unusual winds and rain this season.

Sunseed Open Day

Two Saturdays ago Sunseed had their first open day of the year. The weather forecast wasn't good, with lots of rain forecast, but there wasn't a drop in the end. It was a lovely day and the vegan lunch was delicious. Can't wait for their next one in 3 months time!

Almond Delight

February with it's cold and rain would be unbearable without the almond blossom. And this year has been a cracker. Here are a few pics I took when the sun was shining to warm your cockles...

IMG 2683cropsml
IMG 2827sml

IMG 2856sml