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15 Oct 09

Planks glorious planks

When we ordered the wood for the notorious ceiling planks never did I imagine how long they would take to prepare. I've probably already said how difficult it is to get pressure treated wood here, especially rustic unplaned wood. And we do want to use, as much as possible, things sourced locally. But boy is this plank treating job turning into an epic! We treated 24 planks today between us - I know, doesn't sound like much does it.

Talking about sourcing things locally, does anyone know where in Spain we can buy borax? As far as we've researched it's an all round good egg as far as protecting wood, wool and lots of other things from insect, water and fire damage - but can we find it anywhere here? Nope!


Almond harvest

We still have most of the almond trees on our land to harvest and prune so Dave had a little go at one of them today. I don't think he's going to reach the top ones though, do you?


This is an interesting, but depressing little clock. If you click on the 'now' button at the top of the page it zeros the counters. I find the population growth the most alarming, in just 3 minutes the world population had grown by 440 people - can this be sustainable?