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Jan 2014

Well, January wasn't the month we moved into the earthship - sob! February's not looking likely either. The walls and floor are taking a lot longer than anticipated. Ho hum, and so we plod on...

We did have a bright spot to the month though with a visit from Dave's brother, John, all the way from Vancouver. He even spent a couple of days helping us. Here he is helping Dave cement the footing for the outside terrace column (it's the bit under the cardboard in the bottom photo!)


and then he helped me with tyre in-fill in the utility room and kitchen area...

Tyre infill, lime washed walls and leveled floor

...and Dave along the front face. I didn't get my camera out until the end of the day so they're just pretending in the photo.

The plant, the very first plant to live in the planter even though it's only in a pot, is an avocado tree that I grew from seed. It doesn't like the cold so we decided to see how it likes it inside. They grow pretty big but I might be able to bonsai it and still get fruit. Anyway, it's loving it and has lots of new leaves sprouting.

Bathroom floor

While the brothers were cementing outside I finished the mud circle on the bathroom floor. It'll be under the sink unit so will be protected from water. The following week I oiled the tiled area, but couldn't do the semicircle as it was still damp.


Ripped up

We've had some heavy duty winds lately, although nothing like the uk has been suffering. Anyway, the temporary roof we rigged up above the front doors (the black thing top right) was blown off. Not too major and sort of easy to repair. But while repairing it we, in our wisdom?, put the edge of the main roof bitumen OVER the edge of the temporary roof. Needless to say when the winds came, again, and blew it off, again, this time it ripped the main roof bitumen too - doh! Here's the repair that Dave and John made.


Second stage tyre infill

On our own again, Dave and I did the second stage tyre in-fill in the kitchen area and I lime washed the walls in the utility room. Then, as I was doing some wall filling Dave started positioning the lath along the front face and finally we leveled the floor in the utility room - phew! Then January rolled into February.

Second stage tyre infill
Lath along front face

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